900 Global Truth Pearl

20 Jan

900 Global Truth Pearl is a pearl very strong in the backend great ball to open lanes.

Take the long road to enlightenment with the 900 Global Truth Pearl.

The new Truth Pearl was designed to be the perfect complement to the original Truth. Returning is the Adaptor/C symmetric core, which offers high flare and supreme midlane read.

The new addition to the equation is the S74R Pearl reactive coverstock. The original featured a solid version of the same coverstock. The Truth Pearl will go longer down the lane, storing energy and creating an angular backend reaction on medium-heavy lane conditions. The Truth Pearl is perfect when the original starts to read the lane too early or you need to move deeper on the lane.

The 900 Global Truth Pearl is currently selling for $134.95 and rates a TBD on the Perfect Scale®.


900 Global Desert Ops

20 Jan

900 Global Desert Ops is a pearl that will give you length on that tough pattern.

When you've got to strike when it's really dry, the 900 Global Desert Ops will get the job done.

We've taken one our most successful core, the Break Asymmetric, and modified it. Introducing the new Break LD (Low Differential) Asymmetric. We've tweaked the core numbers, not the shape, to create more length and less flare. This will provide bowlers with maximum control and great length on dry lanes.

Pair this with the S70 Pearl coverstock, finished at 1500 Grit Polished, and you'll have a ball that will glide through the heads but still have enough pop to carry the corners.

The 900 Global Desert Ops is currently selling for $119.95 and rates a TBD on the Perfect Scale®.


Storm Timeless

20 Jan

Storm Timeless has a hybrid cover to give you forgiven roll will give you control and all the area you will need.

Storm and Jason Belmonte have teamed up to create a ball reaction for the ages in the Storm Timeless.

Belmo came to Storm and told him of his desire to create a specific ball reaction based off of his time on the PBA tour and bowling in international events. The mindset was to create a ball motion that has never been seen before. The result was the Timeless.

Introducing the new Dual-Drive symmetric core, which features a high RG and high differential for maximum energy retention and backend reaction. This is a totally unique core shape that is different from anything Storm has ever done, and is the reason that this ball has such a different ball reaction.

Storm wanted to cover this core with the same coverstock from Belmo's favorite ball, the Hy-Road. The Hy-Road used the R2S Hybrid Reactive coverstock, finished at 1500 Grit Polished, and so does the Timeless. This is a ball that is designed for every bowler, no matter the style.

Here's what Storm Bowling has to say about the Timeless:

The Timeless is the first in this series. It features the Dual-Drive weight block. It’s a bit of a hybrid between a true weight block only design and a weight block within a core design. Confused yet? The idea is that we took the best of both worlds to give you the ultimate in ball reaction for all styles of players.

The Storm Timeless is currently selling for $169.95 and rates a 227.2 on the Perfect Scale®.


Storm Torrent

20 Jan

Storm Torrent with matte finish is a great ball to use for heavy oil.

Prepare for a flood with the Storm Torrent!

For the Torrent, Storm has reformulated their Booster core to create the Booster HV symmetric core. HV stands for "High Volume", which is exactly what you'll want to use this ball on. Featuring a high RG and medium-high differential, this ball will have amazing continuation on heavier oil conditions.

The cover on the Torrent is the ever-proven R2S Solid reactive. R2S Solid is versatile and very strong. This cover/core combo is going to provide an outstanding motion on longer oil patterns.

Here's what Storm Bowling has to say about the Torrent:

The Torrent features a newly designed symmetrical core. The Booster HV core highlights a benchmark in ball motion with its medium RG and Differential design. The solid R2S coverstock delivers the optimum amount of performance on a variety of conditions.

The Storm Torrent is currently selling for $129.95 and rates a TBS on the Perfect Scale®.


Track Mako

20 Jan

Track Mako great new ball for heavy oil with the matte finish you can get through any tough long oil pattern.

Only a predator of this caliber is capable of such a quick strike in heavy oil. The Track Mako.

The new Mako core follows in the footsteps of the Paradox by offering Track's 2nd dual density core design. The dual densities allow the designers to create a more exact ball reaction. Low RG and High Differential for max response in oil.

The QR-10 Solid is the strongest coverstock in the Track lineup, offering amazing traction in oil. With this cover/core combination, you will see a ball that reads the lane through the oil which creates proper angle and strong, smooth continuation through the pins.

Here's what Track has to say about the Mako:

Our new lane predator, the Mako, features the second generation of dual density core. We
wrapped a stronger coverstock around it to create a heavy oil monster. Unleash a ferocious
attack on the pins.

The Track Mako is currently selling for $164.95 and rates a 232.9 on the Perfect Scale®.


Columbia Sideswipe Solid

20 Jan

Columbia 300 Sideswipe Solid has a matte finish rolls strong in the mid-lane with a controlled move in the backend.

Tell 'em to pound pavement with the Columbia 300 Sideswipe Solid!

Featuring the Sideswipe Symmetric core which brings a delayed roll with medium-high track flare, the Sideswipe Solid brings a new motion to the Yellowline collection with the Bend-It Solid coverstock with a 500/1000/3000 Abralon Matte Finish. This ball has a strong mid-lane read with continuous backend while maintaining an effortless glide through the heads.

Here's what Columbia has to say about the Sideswipe Solid:

The new Sideswipe Solid offers the same great predictability as its predecessor, but with more overall hook for longer oil patterns and higher volumes of oil. Get ready to sideswipe the competition on your way to victory.

The Columbia 300 Sideswipe Solid is currently selling for $119.95 and rates a TBD on the Perfect Scale®.


Brunswick True Nirvana

18 Jan

Brunswick True Nirvana is a pearl with a lot of backend.

Find what lies at the very core and essence of your game and awaken it. Bring out your True Nirvana.

The Nirvana Ultra Low RG Asymmetric core revs quickly and delivers maximum track flare in the backend, assuring a dramatic but controllable motion. 

Surrounded by the latest coverstock technology that Brunswick has to offer, the True Nirvana is wrapped in the ECS Hook Pearl coverstock that boasts a wider sweet spot and overall longer life for the coverstock. Finished to a 500 Siaair/Crown Factory Compound finish, this ball goes long and hooks hard, making it perfect for tricky oil conditions.

Here's what Brunswick has to say about the True Nirvana:

The black/chrome/gold True Nirvana features the low RG asymmetric Nirvana core matched
with ECS Hook Pearl coverstock to deliver the strongest backend ball motion in the Brunswick line.

The Brunswick True Nirvana is currently selling for $159.95 and rates a TBD on the Perfect Scale®.


Brunswick Fanatic SS

18 Jan

Brunswick Fanatic SS is a solid has a strong roll in the front with control in the backend.

Cheer on as the champion of bowling with the Brunswick Fanatic SS!

Featuring the new Dual Flip Symmetric Low RG core, which spools up quickly with a high differential burst at the breakpoint, the Fanatic SS (Strong Symmetric) delivers mid-lane traction with a strong backend motion.

Combined with the Relativity Hook coverstock finished to a 500/1000 Siaair Micro Pad matte finish, this ball has plenty of bite for medium to oily conditions.

Here's what Brunswick has to say about the Fanatic SS:

The Fanatic SS makes it mark as the strongest symmetric core bowling ball in the Brunswick product line. Combining the Dual Flip Symmetric Low RG Core with Relativity Hook Coverstock produces a fast-revving ball motion with strong midlane traction, excellent continuation, and impressive hitting power.

The Brunswick Fanatic SS is currently selling for $124.95 and rates a TBD on the Perfect Scale®.


DV8 Diva Style

18 Jan

DV8 Diva Style great new ball in the Dive line. The length will be smooth with a strong move in the backend.

Show off on the lanes with the DV8 Diva Style.

Back is the amazing Diva symmetric core with its high RG/high differential makeup. This core creates energy retention and amazing continuation.

The most exciting part of the Diva Style is the addition of the new Composite Pearl technology to the line. This cover/core combo will provide an all-purpose reaction that is super strong on the backend.

Here's what DV8 has to say about the Diva Style:
The sky blue/pink/black Diva Style combines the proven Diva core with a Composite Pearl
coverstock formulation resulting in impressive performance for a variety of bowling styles on medium oil lane conditions.

The DV8 Diva Style is currently selling for $124.95 and rates a 212.9 on the Perfect Scale®.


DV8 Pitbull

18 Jan

DV8 Pitbull has a asymmetric core with a matte finish for heavy oil patterns.

The DV8 Pitbull has some serious bite.

Featuring the new Pitbull Low RG Asymmetric core, which features a high differential for max flare, the Pitbull is a monster on heavy oil. The pins are going down, they're yelling timber.

Paired with the Composite Bite Solid reactive coverstock, you're going to see the ball sink its teeth into the lane and rip the pins to shreds. Never has a ball from DV8 created the kind of traction in oil that you'll see from the Pitbull. The DV8 Pitball is a baller's best friend.

Here's what DV8 has to say about the Pitbull:

The black/violet/neon green Pitbull matches our new Composite Bite coverstock with a new low RG/high differential asymmetric core to produce maximum hook motion on heavy oil lane conditions.

The DV8 Pitbull is currently selling for $154.95 and rates a 233.4 on the Perfect Scale®.